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• Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

donating educational materials to a needy Public Housing Board family

The husband & wife team of Peter & Susan Kingston, missionaries from England & France who run a charity in Fiji called Pacific Outreach, have returned to Suva safely. And they are continuing with their work—from where they left off before they carried on with their round-the-world tickets last year.

The Kingston family normally spend about 4 to 6 months of each year in Fiji & over recent years have specialised in bringing schoolbooks & library books to village schools. They have also brought clothes to cyclone & flooding victims. Over the coming months they plan to continue their distribution work in & around Viti Levu, Taveuni & Qamea.

From March to December last year, the Kingstons visited India, United Kingdom, France & the Caribbean as part of their outreach.

Mr Kingston, who is from England, said they came to Fiji with a special mission, which was to help the poor & needy. Susan, originally from France, says they love Fiji so much they have to keep returning to help every year.

The two have made many friends in Fiji & have visited a lot of places around the country. At the same time they also share the Word of God & help line up interested readers of the ACTIVATED magazine. This magazine includes readings from the Bible, teachings on basic human issues & interesting stories that will help lift one who is down.

giving regular aid to Sanjeev (in wheelchair) & family in Vatuwaqa settlement

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