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• Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

Peter & Susan hand out educational materials to a Nausori youth group



Visiting Fiji are Peter & Susan Kingston—fulltime missionaries & charity workers from the group, The Family International

This is their seventh visit to our shores. Peter & Susan first arrived in 2002 with bundles of clothes & books for our nation’s poor & underprivileged. Their travels are their life-work & have taken them to Tonga, Samoa, Vanuatu, Tahiti & the Cooks. Peter & Susan usually spend 6 months of each year in Fiji, doing their work through their registered charity Pacific Outreach. ‘We live by faith & have done so for 35 years now—all without a salary’, says Peter.

Their aim is to spread the goodness of God’s love to Pacific peoples through donations of educational materials, medical equipment and clothes. They visit schools, orphanages, prisons, hospitals and church groups throughout. The couple also put on better-life programmes in schools & colleges, aimed at drug & alcohol awareness, and anti-smoking programs. Their programme, ‘How to make money & spend it God’s way’ focuses on motivating young people to set goals, work hard, avoid wastefulness & prioritise expenses. ‘Countdown to Armageddon’ is their programme showing how Bible prophecies are being fulfilled.

Peter presents a gift of books to a glad invitee at a recent Activated Party. The Activated magazine is available from the Kingstons

Peter & Susan also promote Activated, the official magazine of the Family International. The magazine is produced in many languages & is a global monthly. ‘The motive is to enrich people’s Christian lives by encouraging them to move away from the ‘go to church on Sunday mindset’ toward making the Bible something that more relates to their daily problems’, said Peter. Activated magazine deals with how to communicate well in personal relationships, raising children, improving health, overcoming stress and aiming for success. Activated ( is available through subscription—12 issues for F$30—and the best place to get hold of them is through Peter & Susan’s ‘Activated Parties’ which are held in their home, (contact

‘Our work depends too on having very helpful sponsors’, says Susan. In fact we’d like to thank MH for their support through monthly food vouchers, Kidanet & Skynet for their donation of internet time, Vodaphone for their mobile time & LICI for sponsoring educational materials we hand out’, she says. The couple also express their thanks to MHCC, Restaurant 88, Chopsticks, Maya Dhaba, Hot & Spicy, Filipina Kusina & Coral Sun for their generosity during their missionary visits.

‘In January 2010, we plan to visit Moala island to distribute books’, says Susan. ‘We will also visit Serua province, Batiki & Koro, so if people would like to support our work, please feel free to donate books or clothes—we will do the distributing on their behalf’, says Peter cheerfully. Donors can contact us at ph 973 65 75.

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