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• Friday, March 23rd, 2012


(original version published in our weekly blog a few weeks ago, but as this is pretty important, we’re now adding to it & posting it as a separate article).

As my mother passed away recently, Susan & I are spending a bit longer in Europe than usual. We’re happy to say that we now have our plans lined up for our next round-the-world trip which is as follows:

End of April: return to the Bahamas to carrry on our drug-awareness programs in the schools & other institutions. Besides the capital Nassau, we also want to spend some time in the ‘family islands’ doing the same work, & already have our plane tickets for Eleuthera—an amazing island that’s looks a bit like an eel: 102 miles long but only a few miles wide!

Hopefully, we’ll also be able to visit some of the other islands as well, but here is where the fun really starts: if you look at a map of the Bahamas, it looks like it would be pretty easy to hop from one island to the next, however this is not the case at all! If you’re travelling by plane, you have to come back to the capital & then take another plane to the next island, (even if it’s within sight)! It might be possible to find a fishing boat to the next island but the emphasis here is defintely on ‘might’…..Another possibility may be the ‘mailboat’, actually a number of different cargo boats that take many hours & days to visit the various outer islands. Here again though, they mostly just stick to one island & then come back to the capital again. Apparently island-hopping doesn’t really exist in the Bahamas! We’re going to give it a try though so keep an eye on our weekly blog in May & June…….

Besides the Bahamas, we’re also looking at the possibilities of visiting either Jamaica or the Turcs & Caicos islands to conduct our programs there.

End of July until roughly the end of the year: back in Fiji! We have an enourmous quantitiy of schoolbooks & library books in our storage room & plan to distribute most of these in the village schools found in poorer areas such as the Lau group islands & Kadavu. It looks like 2012 is going to be a busy year!

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