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• Saturday, April 07th, 2012

Posted January 10th

This is our last ‘leftover’ post from our recent outreach in the Bahamas. We’ve posted a lot about our drug-awareness programs in the schools, along with various news articles that came out in November & December. Here are a few more interesting sidelights from our visit:

We mostly got around the islands by hitch hiking & found that it’s one of the best locations in the world to do this! Bahamians are very polite & helpful, & frequently took us out of their way to get us to where we needed to go. Sometimes we even hitch hiked with suitcases & found that people were just as helpful.   While at Freeport, Grand Bahama, we hitch hiked out to the 2 extreme ends of the island: first to the West End (about 30 kms) & then to the East End, (about 90 kms).    One time we flagged down a limousine by mistake, (we had our thumbs out & hadn’t really seen in advance that it was a limousine, otherwise we would have let it pass by). As soon as we explained that we were missionaries, the driver happily took us 20 kms in the direction we needed to go!

Conch paradiseConch has been a popular food source throughout the Caribbean since the time of the Arawak Indians, before Christopher Columbus. It’s the second best known edible snail, the first being escargot from Burgundy, France.  Conch meat has a mild, sweet clam-like flavor. It’s delicious! It has a great nutritional value and is a very high source of protein. It’s also a natural aphrodisiac. The well-developed foot muscle of the conch is what provides the sweet white meat taste used in so many recipes. Although the conch may be served in many different ways the most popular dishes are: conch salad, conch fritters, conch chowder and cracked conch.

conch salad

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