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• Monday, June 08th, 2015

July 25th update

We’re pleased to say that yesterday, Samantha from Webwava (Penang, Malaysia), phoned us with the good news that our website technical problems have been resolved & so we can finally attach photos again! Here therefore is the complete post that we wanted to put for the month of June…..Big thank you to Samantha!

posted June 3rd


This post is to finish off our adventures in Nepal that we started last month. Please note that these accounts are not current but are from the 1980’s. As Nepal has been in the news a lot lately, we felt inspired to take a trip down memory lane!

Part 2   Run ins with the police such as this one were in fact the rare exceptions though. Getting out the illustrated Word leaflets was usually wonderfully rewarding, often leading to inspiring conversations & even invitations for tea, lunch or accommodation! I have many memories of waking up to see the sun coming up over range after range of Himalayan mountains in some of the most picturesque scenes one can imagine. We would get to travel to amazing mountain towns & villages where people would be extremely interested in our message.

Often our trips would start off by bus, but because Nepal is so mountainous & lacks road infrastructure, we would then need to trek for days & days to reach other towns & villages. The little mountain paths would frequently take us through pine or bamboo forests, up & down huge hills covered in terraced rice fields, past beautiful waterfalls & across rickety foot bridges perilously suspended over raging mountain rivers.

On nearly every trip, we stepped out by faith, much like the disciples were instructed by Jesus: to take very little in the way of supplies, & to ask in every town or village for a place to stay. On one of the first of these trips, we left Kathmandu with 50 rupees, (perhaps about 5 dollars?), but by the time we arrived at the first town on our trip, the Lord has so abundantly showed His supply that we decided to leave the 50 rupees with a friend & continue our journey with just a 50 paisa coin (half a rupee) in one pocket. Soon we came across a beggar & so gave him the 50 paisa & carried on with nothing! It seemed like the less money we had, the more miracles the Lord did & sure enough, we returned to Kathmandu a week or 2 later with many testimonies of all the Lord had done!

We started to use the same rather unconventional wisdom for buses: while buses were usually quicker for long distance journeys, we found it was much more interesting to hitch rides with cars & trucks. We’d always end up witnessing to the drivers & often found ourselves with invitations to come & stay with them.

One quite ‘common miracle’ on these trips was when trekking from one village to another with our backpack of literature & finding ourselves at a crossroads. Journeys of this type can take half a day or even a whole day of walking, & at times we didn’t see another human being for several hours. We would then arrive at a fork in the path & seriously needed to know which direction to take. Time after time, just as we needed to make an important decision, a villager would suddenly appear, almost out of nowhere, & tell us which way to go!

Every time we gave out tracts, we showed people the last part of page 4, where we promised to send them more literature if they wrote in to our postbox address in Kathmandu. This became a ministry in itself as we began sending out gospels & Christian literature of every kind to all the wonderful responses that came in each week. After some time, we engaged a translator to help us & printed a regular magazine to ‘feed the sheep’. We also put a little red dot on our map of Nepal for each incoming letter & watched with joy as the witness began to spread further & further. It was great to read letters that told us how people’s lives had been changed after saying the salvation prayer!

All in all, the Lord kept & protected & supplied for us for 5 years in Nepal. And due to all the teacher strikes & student strikes, the 2-year teacher’s training course took care of our visas for over 3 years. After that, a new door opened with a tourist magazine called ‘Enjoy Nepal’. Writing articles for the magazine brought in more finances, (we found we did need some after all, ha!), & helped in reaching a different class of people: important businessmen, as well as movers & shakers in the government & well-known figures such as Sir Edmund Hillary (first man to climb Mt Everest), that I was able to arrange an interview with.

Being a missionary in Nepal wasn’t always easy, but looking back it was a very inspiring & rewarding time! And the best memory of all? A map of Nepal almost completely covered with little red dots…..

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