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• Sunday, March 13th, 2016

copied from ‘Good News Blog’ March 5, 2016


Some of you might have heard about Cyclone Winston, which hit Fiji a couple of weeks ago.

One article stated:

Tens of thousands of people in Fiji are living in evacuation centres after Cyclone Winston tore across the South Pacific country last week, the United Nations Children’s Fund has said.

The total number of people forced from their homes in the archipelago nation of more than 300 islands is expected to be much higher as many fled to relatives and are not included in the data.

Cyclone Winston, the worst storm recorded in the southern hemisphere, left 42 people dead, according to Fiji’s National Disaster Management Office. The category-five storm also left many without water and it could be weeks before electricity is restored in some areas.—The Guardian

We wrote Peter and Susan, our faithful, long-time missionaries that have been serving in Fiji, to see how they’ve been faring since the cyclone hit.

Here’s what they said:

By Peter and Susan, Fiji

Cyclone Winston is the worst cyclone in Fiji’s recent history, with many dead and so much physical destruction. However, our charity center was mostly untouched, except for minor damage in our garden. Damage to our friends’ homes has also been very minimal.

Please pray for those who have lost their homes and personal belongings…

We need restoration of water and electricity, and sunny weather to dry up the mess left after the heavy rains and floods so that cleaning and restoration can get underway.

Please also pray for a new shipment of educational material coming from Australia. There have been many logistical problems involved at every step, so we need a miracle to help it to come through.

We’d appreciate your prayers for the distribution of material that we already have on hand. These books will be a big blessing to the village schools and outer islands that have lost everything.

Thank you for your prayers for Fiji during this time, and especially for praying for Peter and Susan and the big job they have to do in the midst of so much devastation.

If you’d like to send a donation to Peter and Susan, to assist in the work that they’re doing, you can send your gifts via  PayPal to

Thanks again for your support and prayers.

Father of nine Patemosi Basaga lost his wife and all his crops. (Photo: Robert McKechnie/Save the Children)

One of the Basaga children after the devastation of Cyclone Winston. (Photo: Robert McKechnie/Save the Children)

Fijian woman Kalisi holds her son Tuvosa, 3, as she sits on a bed in the remnants of her home damaged by Cyclone Winston in the Rakiraki District of Fiji's Ra province, February 24, 2016. (Reuters/UNICEF-Sokhin)

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