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• Saturday, September 10th, 2016

Posted Sept 11th

We waited all morning for the shipping company to bring the remaining 15 boxes of books to our house but had an uneasy feeling about it, as promises in Fiji can be very ‘flexible’! We phoned to ask when they would be coming, but the right person couldn’t be located & nobody seemed to know anything. On top of that, there was the risk that if the boxes stay at the warehouse beyond today, Friday, then we could be charged storage fees….

Finally, I decided I need to go back to Pacific Agencies warehouse & so started walking up the hill from our house, hitch hiking any passing cars, as I usually do. A few cars went by but didn’t stop; then a nice-looking little red car almost stopped. In fact he braked but then hesitated & decided to carry on, so I ran after it, prompting the driver to eventually stop! I thanked the driver for stopping & then commented that he evidently wasn’t very used to stopping to pick up hitch hikers!

He replied, ‘No, it’s the first time I’ve ever picked anyone up!’

I said, ‘Well, no need to worry: I’m not a terrorist but a missionary!’

That immediately changed everything! He explained that he was on his way to Hawaii to do a missionary training course. I said that we know someone that just came back from that same course, (the son of our charity trustees), & so it turned out that these 2 know each other very well! We straightaway became good friends & as soon as I told him, (his name’s Tim), about the problem with collecting our boxes of books, he immediately volunteered to go & collect them. We ended up doing 2 carloads & bringing everything back to our house, with Tim carrying everything. It’s funny that he was originally on his way to the gym, but the Lord had a different type of work-out for him, ha!

So all’s well that ends well & we’re super happy that we don’t have to go back to anymore shipping or customs offices, Praise the Lord! And thanks again to John, Heather & Joy for all their hard work in collecting all those books & surmounting numerous obstacles to get them on their way to Fiji!

As mentioned before, we have a list of 24 top priority, cyclone-damaged primary schools to donate books to, given to us by the Ministry of Education. Also another list from the department in charge of kindergartens. Most of these schools are far from the capital, in Koro island, Vanua Balavu island & Taveuni island, & so we’re trying to put together a plan of how to get the books to all 24 of these remote schools. Please keep us in your prayers!

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