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• Saturday, February 25th, 2017

posted Feb 25th 2017

Towards the end of last year, things were so busy that we hardly had time to brush our teeth!!! Here are 2 stories from the last part of the year that we didn’t find time to put on our website…..

Sanjiv musical event!

Our good friend Sanjiv has continued ‘fighting the good fight’ despite his being in a wheelchair & also stuck in a long, drawn out compensation case that’s taken 7 years so far….In order to help pay for his weekly medical needs, Sanjiv took the bold initiative of organizing a musical event, with local big names Noa Junior & Umlesh Polo in fierce competition to be the best bhajan band in the Pacific!

Susan in action selling lottery tickets!

What with paying for the bands, renting the hall, printing the tickets & all the other costs, the profit margin was extremely thin, & so hopes were pinned on a lottery to bring in some extra funds. Susan volunteered to go around & sell the lottery tickets & astounded all present by getting just about everyone in the audience of mostly Hindi-speaking Indians to buy a good amount! Everyone agreed she was totally amazing & this helped greatly to make the evening a success.




Visit to Yanuca Island Primary School

While hitch hiking into town one day, I was picked up by Mere, who told me that she was closely connected with a needy school on Yanuca Island. She said that if we were able to give books to the school, then she’d be able to bring us in her car to the boat jetty in Pacific Harbour & organize the boat travel there & back.

Glenys, Joy, Peter on our way to Yanuca Island!

A few months later, Australian Joy (who’s been a tremendous help in sending many of our boxes of books from Melbourne over to Fiji), was visiting us, along with her 71-year old aunt, Glenys. We decided it was a good time to make a trip to Yanuca Island to help their school.


After a one hour trip to the boat departure point & the 45 minute boat ride, we were warmly welcomed by the head teacher who took us on a tour of the school. We were pleased to see that he strongly encourages reading by opening the library early every morning & that children are already gathered there waiting.

The book presentation was really a joyous occasion as we were treated like VIPs. The school children showed us their traditional songs & dances, and afterwards we were treated to a fantastic Fijian lunch with all kinds of sea food — what a great day!

reaching the school...

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