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• Monday, August 05th, 2019

posted August 5th 2019

To finish off with, we want to include a Fiji Times newspaper article about our book distribution in Kadavu schools.

Here is the the text, along with some more photos:

Early this month, Pacific Outreach was in Kadavu giving out library books to fifteen schools on the island. The fifteen schools are: Vunisea Secondary School, Richmond High School, Kadavu Provincial Secondary School, Ratu Nacagilevu Primary School, Nabukelevu District School, Nabukelevu I-Ra Primary School, Richmond Primary School, Tavuki District School, Yawe District School, Eliki Memorial School, Drue District School, Navikadi Primary School, Yale District School, Namalata Central District School, and a box was sent to the island of Galoa.

the lovely Fijian family I stayed with

Director Peter Kingston said the organization brought boxes of library books from Australia to be donated to schools in the interior & the outer islands of Fiji. He said these books are collected from schools around Australia.



“So we collect these library books & find a ship to send them for free because this is a charity project”, he added.

pushing our boat out of shallow waters

Mr Kingston said their priorities are cyclone-affected schools, burned down schools, & new schools that are opening. “Every year we collect books & find needy schools to donate them to. We are happy with the response from the people. They are very appreciative & thankful for the project. I think it is a great way of lifting Fiji through education”, said Mr Kingston.


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