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• Wednesday, November 27th, 2019

posted Nov 26th 2019


map of central America, with arrow highlighting Belize

Since leaving Fiji earlier in the year, Susan & I have been fulfilling a lifelong dream to visit central America, & are presently in Belize! Besides visiting ancient Mayan ruins deep in the jungle & some of the amazing islands off the coast, we’re also offering free drug prevention programs in the primary & secondary schools.





Belize is a really special country: it’s the only English-speaking country in the region & used to be called ‘British Honduras’ before becoming independant in 1981. It has the smallest population of all the countries in central America, with only 408,000 inhabitants.

map of Belize

The population are a mixture of African, English & Hispanic peoples, with additional newer arrivals from China, India & other parts. We’ve also visited large Mennonite communities, who trace their roots to Dutch & German immigrants & some of whom still move around in horse-drawn carts!

As stated earlier, our main purpose in coming to Belize is to do drug prevention programs in the primary & secondary schools. Drugs are a major scourge throughout the Caribbean & Central America & if, through our audio-visual programs, we can help some young people to avoid this trap, then we feel that this is something really worthwhile to dedicate ourselves to.

Here below is a radio/TV interview that we did on Nov 25th in San Ignacio in western Belize…..


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