We are Peter & Susan Kingston, originally from England & France, but now based in Fiji. We have been doing full-time voluntary work & missionary work for 40 years in India, Nepal, Africa, Bosnia & now the Pacific. We started making trips to Fiji in 2001, at which time our work consisted mainly of visiting schools, colleges, prisons & other institutions to conduct motivational programs.

In the course of our work, we saw that many of the schools we visited lacked schoolbooks, library books & other educational materials. At the same time, we found that the Rotary Club had a warehouse full of brand new library books but needed volunteers to take these to the schools! As book distributions in village schools became a more prominent part of our work, in 2007 we decided to consolidate our efforts by becoming a registered charity–Pacific Outreach.

Since this time, we have established a centre in the Fijian capital of Suva & have expanded our distributions to include clothes, stationary & medical equipment. We are including various stories & news articles on the ‘our work’ page, as well as photo albums on the gallery page.

As the name ‘Pacific Outreach’ suggests, we are trying to reach out to the whole Pacific area & so there are also photos & articles from some of the other Pacific island countries that we’ve made trips to: French Polynesia, the Cook islands, Western Samoa, American Samoa, Tonga & Vanuatu.

Finally, there are a few articles & photo albums on our secondary work in the Caribbean: for several years now we’ve been passing through this area while on our way to Fiji in order to conduct drug awareness programs in the schools.

To quickly get an idea of our work, please click on the short video clips below:

Fiji One TV news item showing book donations in remote village schools


Dominica (Caribbean) TV news item showing our drug awareness programs in the schools

yours sincerely,

Peter & Susan Kingston

Pacific Outreach charity registration