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In 1968, David Brandt Berg, a former pastor of the Christian and Missionary Alliance, began a Christian outreach ministry to the counter-culture youth in Huntington Beach , California . By the end of 1969, the group of converted youth had grown to about 100 members and began to receive national attention in the USA . They were first called the “Children of God” by a newspaper reporter. By 1972, there were 130 Children of God “colonies” in dozens of countries on every continent.

David Berg formally dissolved the Children of God organization in the spring of 1978, due to misuse of authority and violation of fundamental principles by some regional leaders. A new group, “The Family of Love”, was formed. About two-thirds of former Children of God members remained with the Family of Love.

In the early 1980s, the group’s name was shortened to the Family, and in 2004 we adapted the name to become the Family International.

David Berg passed away in late 1994. His wife of 25 years, Maria, now leads the Family International, assisted by her second husband Peter and other co-workers.